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About me

Hi dears! x3
It's Z o o e y.
I turned 32 on January, 17th. (:
I have a big sister, Emily. She's awesome. x3
In my own TV-Series New Girl i play the awkward Jess! (:
My best friend is probably Katy Perry, she's like a sister to me & we look alike. x3
No, i'm not married to Ben anymore! So don't ask me ...
I love watching TV, i mostly watch How I Met Your Mother,
i have to say, it's really funny! (:

Thank yall for e v e r y t h i n g !
Keep on rocking! (:
Love each & every of you! x3

xoxo, Z Deschanel.

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Zooey Deschanel
Date of birth
Los Angeles
United States
Native language
Actress, musician & songwriter (Artist)
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  • Friendship
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Shopping & having fun.
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I'm not telling you anything
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