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Blog / Tricks For Creating A Guest List For Your Destination Weddin

Sunday, 30 December 2012 at 08:50

There's no doubt that holding a destination wedding can be wonderful and the popularity of this kind of wedding is unquestionably rising.

Nevertheless there are a couple of issues that can arise while you are organizing your wedding day which might get you to question the decision to take your wedding away from home to start with.

And certainly the one which might cause the most angst is the who to invite. This is constantly an issue which causes headaches throughout the planning for any ceremony, but is usually doubly so for a destination wedding.

Depending on the destination for the wedding, it may be a big request to be expecting your guests to pay for what is essentially a vacation, when finances might be stretched and job rosters can make leaving the country tough.

How could you approach building your guest list in a manner that will not make the invitees feel obliged to attend when they perhaps can not afford it, and yet does not create resentment by leaving people off of the guest list altogether.

The Small Marriage Ceremony

A very common style of destination wedding is a small occasion which includes only family and some close friends.

This is similar to an elopement, and you're bringing along a few people for company.

By reducing the guest list in this manner you're not going to offend anyone however you're still with the people dearest to you on your wedding day.

Party On

Irrespective of how many individuals you ultimately include in the wedding ceremony, it really is often a great idea to have a party for everyone at some time after your wedding day.

That way you can offer people a means to party along with you without the need to fork out on the expense of travelling to your wedding location.

Then when you're planning the wedding invitation you make it clear that you appreciate if it is too large of an ask to be at your wedding ceremony, and that's why you are also inviting people to go to a second reception back at home.

Individuals will then feel far more at ease about declining the wedding invitation and they're going to certainly be fired up about having the chance to party together with you when you return.

Reduce Your Guest's Expenses

Another way to help lower the obstacles which could stop your guests from attending the wedding would be to work out some methods of possibly decreasing their costs of attending.

There are numerous ways for you to do that - you may make contributions to the hotel expenses, you could organise discounts with travel companies for bulk plane tickets, or else you may cover the expenses of members of your wedding party.

So if you're organising a destination wedding party hopefully these suggestions may go some way to lowering some of the hassles involved in the planning.



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