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    fjzzhhj71220 24 April 2014

    SITUATION - variant of rabies (see all blogs blogs, photos) y

    Monster Chinese society is changing, human suffering (hybrid monster beast cattle dog and pig hybrid monster) variant rabies, mad cow disease mutation and cross-infection "pig hybrid" virus, the direction of the dog's height variation dwarf degradation (dog misappropriation of biological nature),

    Similar patterns of AIDS virus infection, contagious and hereditary.

    Third generation breeding, cattle, dogs and pigs show terrible, most similar dwarf, skeletal growth casually (uncoordinated), brain damage, disability "spiritual and mental illness," and so variation caused,

    Easy to distinguish, the secretion of cows, dogs and pigs smell, growth "sharp" dog teeth, sex semen, a "stinky squid, dead rat" odor (not human, "almond" smell.), "Scrotal swelling." so contagious, variability of symptoms.

    Communist Party of China suffered human hybrid monster monster regime forces and EEG wave radar, setting too many unstable factors and distress.

    For example: the cult of "Falun Gong" practitioners, chemical drugs swamped (. Secretion strange "base" smell), put in a large area of ​​the cancer virus, the human female reproductive mother, and the dog sex become routine, the United States 9.11 tragedy, "spiritual and mental illness skyrocketed," and so the case, a "biological warfare" and "Disability war."

    Chemical class of drugs, flooded (secretion strange "base" smell, swallowed chemical class of drugs, skin color "red" states. Drug addiction, skin color, "mist" state.)

    Radar wave EEG brain waves and generate the same principle reactions. Brain waves (Monster Chinese called: ideas), when the person doing "a particular job" when their brain waves are specific, such as: mental drive and control. Said to be: a secret weapon, nerve weapons.

    (Brain wave radar coverage, brain cells that produce physical and chemical reactions, touches the nerve endings, the brain of error "for a specific job" message.)

    External surface of things happen attracted

    Lead to the extinction of humanity!


    黃慧傑.龍香(姬昌) Jack.H