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Sunday, 28 April 2013 at 16:42

For home owners getting ready to put your house up for sale, pricing it right isn't the only thing you will need to do. In addition to pricing it right, you?ll need to invest a few days getting your home market ready. The price and condition of your house go hand in hand. You?re moving anyway so straighten up by boxing up the clutter. Save yourself time later and money (in the form of increased sales dollars because your home shows better) by packing now. A clean home turns buyers on in an instant just as a dirty one will send them out the door. Put in the elbow grease or hire someone else to, just make sure your home is ready for market before the sign goes in the yard.

If you are considering selling your home by yourself, you can do it. You can get free advise all over the Internet as well as from your local agents. What you can't do, is access the same software or even the same real estate advertising sites that are available exclusively to those that are real estate agents. Anymore than you can write your own personal prescription because you know what it will be. Some areas are just blocked off for those that do this as their profession. I know it looks simple to advertise a house and find a buyer yourself, but there is much more involved in the process.

When your agent lists your property it is as if they are hiring all realtors in the area and the internet to help sell your property. The real work comes from your realtor when you get an offer in. This is when they screen qualified buyers from those just looking, negotiate price on your behalf, make sure all timelines are met, inspections, documents and any other contingencies are completed and in order.

If you are interviewing listing agents to sell your house, there are some basics that need to be looked into as well. Remember, when you hire an agent, you will be hiring them for a long period of time. Possibly six months, so you need to get this right. It is critical that the real estate agent you chose is both highly skilled on negotiations and marketing, as well as a good fit with your personality.

You hire the Realtor who lists your property for sale, to market the property and generate a sale. If your property is getting shown, who shows it is secondary, to the fact that it is getting shown. Look for buyer's agents from multiple companies to be making appointments and getting your house shown. If they are, your listing agent is doing their job.

As a home seller, you should be listening to the feedback of the showing agents as to why each individual prospective buyer didn't make an offer to purchase on your house. Lots of showings and no offers indicates that there is something specifically wrong with your house and you will need to either correct whatever those issues are or lower the price to make up for those issues.

For a home seller that is getting little to no traffic on their house, they've got to be wondering how to take it to the next step.

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