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female - 24 years, Rocky Mountain House, Canada
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i like to look good when i want to but i love to be lazzy lol :) and i love to be with my friends all the time theres nothing better than hanging out with my friends and rocky mountain house is my favorite place to be in the hole world and i just moved to caroline and i hate it so its kinda new for me and my older sisters live there and my one sis is haveing a baby boy so i want to be there when she has him but i cant get there fast enuff and my other sister has two kids one is 2 years old the other one is 7 months the two year old is a girl her name is tayla and the 7 moth one is a boy and his name is brody and my sisters kids are my life :) so ya if any body hurts them they will die!!!! so as you can see i love kids not just my sisters kids all kids!!!!!! :) :) and most kids love me because i spoule them rotten :) these are some of my best frinds..... elizabeth derkson.... chantell burnet..... miranda....... charlinn.....and brandy... theres a lot more but thats all i want to …

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sarha Gordon
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Rocky Mountain House (Alberta)
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hanging out with my friends and family. not realy my family i fight lots with them like my mom and dad amd sis mostly
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:) rosses are red violits are blue shugar is sweet and so r u :) :) im in love lol jk :)

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