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female - 27 years, Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
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Hiya I am Hannah :) .... I am 16 and i come from sutton coldfield (if you know where that is) I lurveee Music, and socialising, and partying, and learning to play the guitar, and Going hyper haha...! I am 5ft 8 (no shorty), slim, got long blonde and brown hair hehe and im an angel hehe :) i lurveee dancing and singing to myself to haha.. I am also a model.. Just Catwalks at the mo... but going into the advertising industry soon so watch out for me hehe Im also a dj doing gigs round the country specialise in indie dance mixes.... Well anyway if ya wanna know more... Cause there alot more to me. message me. ... Lv yaz x x x x x x :) Aswell it would be kool if you could leave messages in my guestbook, cause would make it easier for me lol :) thanks you xxx

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Hannah Millington
Date of birth
Sutton Coldfield (Birmingham)
United Kingdom
Native language
In Posing (Student)
Scuba Diving, Partyin, Spending time with my mates, Goin Gigs, Learning to play the Guitar, Chattin, Gettin Drunk.....
Love status
I've been through a lot, I'm having a break
I fancy

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wats oin on gorgeous haven't heard from u in awhile thought id drop in how u been beautiful

posted by cracker_bulldog
30 December 2008

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