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female - 27 years, jarrow, United Kingdom
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well, i dunno if i hav the time or energy 2 write every thing about me but i will give it a good go. im fun, love making people laugh, and sooo easy going. i get on with almost every one (but if u love yourself then u dnt need me 2 love ya, do ya:)
im at newcastle college doing my a-levels in law, psychology and english, i love all my mates there cos there all just as mad as me lol.
i get bored very easily, but im also easily entertained lol.
single at the moment, and thts how i want it 2 stay, cos boys are trouble and i like having fun lol.
i hav 3 really close friends (dunno if they hav netlog actually lol) but lauren and robyn i hav known 4 flippin ages, and they are the thirsty crows lol. liam however is a different story, i hav only known him since college but were already planning holidays 2 geva. n were going 2 c lee evans live on october 28th this year. hes soooooooo cool, n i wudnt trade him in 4 any1 else hehe
ooo i forgot the description lol, (not tht u cant luk at …

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nikki mart
Date of birth
jarrow (Newcastle upon Tyne)
United Kingdom
Native language
pole dancer hahaha :D joke (Student)
dance, lying in bed! haha ooo and horseriding
Love status
I'm not telling you anything
I fancy

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hey babe how are u doing, yeah i wud say u did pull it off, u could pull most things off ure gorgeous, what u been doing neways, u like my ribs did u say, u enjoyed looking through my pics, which one is ure favourite, add me if u want …

posted by CrazyPup69
4 March 2009

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Feeling incredibly let down with todays events! Possibly cos i had my heart broken but possibly cos i left my college work on the bus! Possibly cos i broke a toe! Not entirely sure which it is!

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