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  • Think differently, again and again

    My Prayer, one of my favorite songs.
    I was totally engaged ever since I heard it from you for the first time.
    Partly because you recommanded it, partly because the song is sweet and touching.
    This afternoon, I heard the song broadcasted by the campus radio station
    it is the first time i heard it from neither you nore myself
    i was surprised and excited
    so i called you to share it
    it was really a pity you were not in the mood for this
    i didn't even get a chance to tell you what i planned to tell

    i hanged up the phone, less than a minute later
    Then i recalled the fact that you had no memories of this song last time you heard it
    i always hold the faith that it is our song
    however, i was wrong
    it is my song ever since
    only mine

    • 2 June 2010
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