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    dalechloe 7 May 2013

    Hi, i`m Marita and your profile looks quite charming! I`m not originally from this area, but settled here only a short while ago and therefore I don`t know anyone, as of yet. Maybe you would like to tell me something about the nightlife around here? I’ve been single for 1 year now and i`m looking for new friends and for more too, of course. :) If you like we can maybe meet up for a cup of coffee or you show me some interesting areas around town? Unfortunately, i`m not registered over here, it`s the account of a close friend of mine, but you will find details and images about me at lovershearts dot net where you can chat with me for free too, i`m waiting over there, ok? So, if you like you can drop me a message over there, simply search for my profile name Marita1 over there, ok? Cheers! Marita

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    soccertwin 4 November 2012

    Hello, nice but still unknown guy,

    My name is Monique, i am 24 years old, single, work for a travel agency and my hobbies r going out, 2 wine and dine and of course, traveling..
    Unfortunately, i have been alone for at least a year now and my girlfriend told me 2 do something about that.. She said, “to get online and 2 try my luck..”
    And that’s how i found you.. If u feel like knowing me better, i would b so happy 2 hear from you.. Just checking out 2 see what might happen..
    Sadly, i am not registered here and like i said, i am writing 2 u with my girlfriend’s account.. At the same time, i don`t like 2 b registered on many different chats..
    You will b able 2 see me on the website itsforu..sail..to just look for Moniquein the nickname search, there is only one.. In addition u will b able 2 see more images of me over there..
    I`m looking forward 2 it and hopefully until later..



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    shelf2007 6 April 2007

    you some hunk that all i can say, fancy a chat l8tr

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    TommyTerror 17 January 2007

    i think ur gorge, wats ur msn address?

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    frankie990 16 January 2007

    hey omg ur gd looking hope u add me cause i like toget to now u kk :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) kk see ya around

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