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female - 27 years, Lydney/Coleford, United Kingdom
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About me

Im pretty short, got blonde n black hair, in love with Leigh Martin, got the best m8z ever, live with my mum, sister n brother.. Go to gloscat and im doin Art and Design.. Love goin out on the weekends, with all my m8z, shoppin with my mum n sis, and spending time with Leigh cuz hes awesome, and great fun to be with, we're always havin a giggle, n i loves all the hugs n smooches hehe! Go to watch racing every sunday, cuz Leigh and my bro both do it, n not forgettin all the boys, like steve n phil n hawks n all! If im not doin ne of those things, i'll be workin,or up the gym normally...

More about me
Lacie-Skye Roberts
Date of birth
Lydney/Coleford (Gloucestershire)
United Kingdom
Waitress. lol (Student)
gettin drunkerd, motocross, with my lover Mr Leigh and my family and Bestest m8z!
Love status
In love
I fancy

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