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  • Treatment Drink Recipe

    Figure out how to Order cocktailcorner.

    In the recent article, we discussed some basics on ordering from a wine list. But lets say dinners over and you are good to go out for the day. Are you ready to help explore the finer reaches of the spirit world? Are you wanting to go beyond your standard order of Bud Lightweight and impress your compatriates with all your working knowledge of most of the finer beverages of the world? As we did along with the wine lessons, we retain this streamlined and fundamental. But after reading the idea, you are already going to know more than the vast majority of general drinking public.

    Standard terminology
    -On the rocks: with ice
    -Neat: virtually no ice
    -Chilled: shaken over ice to produce cold
    -Mixers: liquids which were poured along with alcohol to boost its taste
    -Double: twice the amount of alcohol, but the same amount of mixers
    -Rail: the cheapest level of the most common types of alcohol (typically vodka, rum, tequila, gin, bourbon)
    -Top shelf: the greatest tier of alcohol in the bar
    -Shot: one ounce on the particular liquor/s, taken per quick swallow

    Common Mixers
    -Tonic/tonic mineral water: Carbonated mixer flavored with quinine, making it bitter; often accompanied by a lime wedge
    -Soda: Flavorless, carbonated machine
    -Orange juice
    -Cranberry moisture
    -7-Up or Sprite
    -Coca Cola (also known as Coke)
    -Red Half truths: a popular energy drink
    -Sour mix: tart, sweet liquid

    Types of spirits
    Source: Made from grain (rye or even wheat) or potatoes.
    Popular brands: Absolut, Grey Goose, Stolichnaya (a. k. a Stoli), Skyy
    Well-known mixes: Vodka/tonic, White Russian, Screwdriver

    Source: Created from fermented sugarcane and molasses.
    Well-known brands: Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Malibu
    Common mixes: Mojito, Cuba Libre, Typhoon

    Source: Made just by distilling grains and flavoring with juniper berries.
    Well-known brands: Bombay, Tanqueray, Beefeater
    Common mixes: Martinis, Gibsons

    Origin: Made from fermented almond mash. Also produced as Bourbon in Kentucky together with Scotch in Scotland.
    Popular brands: Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Jameson, Bushmills
    Common mixes: Whiskey sour, Coke (Jack/Coke)

    Origin: Agave plants, typically made in Mexico.
    Popular brands: Jose Cuervo, Customer, 1800, Tres Generaciones
    Common mixes: Tequila sunrise, Margaritas,
    And so forth.

    The drinking world is incredibly complex, and the easiest way to learn it is to go out and try various things. START SLOW, and donĂ¢??t allow yourself to be pressured by everyone. Although the effects can be fun, many cultures see spirits, wine, and alcohol as food, and if you ever experience them in that regard, you will set out to enjoy another vein involving socializing. Drink plenty of water involving drinks to stay hydrated (dehydration is among the most key components of a hangover), and be sure you have a safe process home. Then, go out and enjoy!

    Bonus tip: Jagermeister is a funny little beverage. Do it. Then once you get over the cough syrup taste, try it again.