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female - 27 years, Clarinda, United States
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i'm 16 a junior at clarinda high school i'm 5"3 (yea i know i'm short) i weigh about a hundred pounds i have dark brown hair its about shoulder length i have greenish blue eyes i hate staying at "my" house for more than a couple hours at a time when you see me i'll be with my friends or at least one of them were pretty much inseparable well to sum it all up i'm pretty much a typical teenage girl you guys no what we like!

♥иαмє:Kara woodard
♥αgє: 16
♥∂αтє σf вιятн: 1-25-90
♥ѕтαя ѕιgи: Aquarious
♥ℓσσкѕ тняυ: blue eyes
♥вяυѕнєѕ: dark brown
♥яιgнтч σя lєfтч :Righty
♥ιиич σя συтч:Inny
♥тαкєи вч: Josh W.
♥мυѕι¢: any thing
♥¢σlσυя: dark colors
♥fσσ∂: mcdonalds frys lol
♥∂яιик: dr.pepper
♥иυмвєя: 13
♥¢нσ¢σlαтє: dark
♥ρєяfυмє: the brittney spears kind
♥ѕнσρ: wet seal
♥мσитн: july
♥тv ρяσgנяαммє:gilmore …

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kara woodard
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Clarinda (Iowa)
United States
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