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  • Nine Fascinating Facts About Kerrville, Texas

    Texans are proud of their state for many reasons. From rattlesnake boots and Stetson hats to football fanaticism and oil production, the list is long indeed. Another thing close to many a Texans heart is hunting, and particularly whitetail deer hunting.

    South Texas Brush Country, stretching between Laredo, Eagle Pass and Cotullo, is known as the Golden Triangle because of its ability to produce some of the largest whitetail in the entire state. Consequently, the area is a popular destination for both Texans and out-of-towners wanting to partake in hunting vacations. The topography of the area is rustic and classic Texas: low rolling hills and dry, dusty earth, sporadically cut by feeder streams and rivers that provide the life-giving water for the region and its animals.

    The geography contains a multitude of deer hunting ranches. These large tracts of land exist for breeding and harvesting of deer (and other game), and are geared toward both professional hunters and novices alike. Most ranches are huge, in excess of one thousand acres, and sport all manner of wildlife in addition to deer.

    Hunting ranches are an institution in Texas, often run by multi-generational families that cater to their visitors needs and provide lodging and accommodations, in addition to guide services. Some ranches even offer the benefit of having on-site taxidermy and meat processing facilities.

    Whitetail ranches have advanced breeding and management programs in order to provide a robust population of animals for their clients. Ranches often work closely with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to ensure that populations are healthy and sustainable. Each ranch only allows a specific quota of large mature bucks (the most desirable to hunters) to be harvested each year.

    Deer hunting can be either a group or solitary activity, and many South Texas Ranches For Sale are equipped for both. From bachelor parties and corporate outings to the individual hunter on a mission, everyone can find what theyre looking for. Many ranches are particularly geared toward family outings and even offer discounts for the younguns. Texas camp cooking is the stuff of legend, and hunting ranches aim to please in this regard. Youll be able to find that legendary Texas barbecue served up alongside other local fare.

    Due to the abundance of deer hunting ranches, there tend to be many opportunities to purchase them, as well. It should come as no surprise that running a ranch is a lot of hard work, but for some, this might be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Should you be interested in purchasing your own hunting ranch, make sure you find a realtor that really knows the area, the land and the people. These properties are vast and come at a premium, so do your homework and make sure you dont end up with a costly investment that youre stuck with.