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female - 26 years, Folkestone, United Kingdom
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Hiya my name is coral
Well apparently im nice. But u have 2 be the judge of that.
Im 16years old going on 17.
I live in folkestone.
but im going to da folkestone academy in september 2 finnish of me A levels.

i dnt know wat 2 say about my self really. iv got brown/blond hair.
i have blue eyes.
im 5ft9 and a all right body.

if any of u wana chat just send me a comment and i will get back 2 u as soon as posible. xxxxx

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coral barnett
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Folkestone (Kent)
United Kingdom
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hiya if any of you would like 2 talk just send me a message and i will get back 2 u as soon as possible xxx thanks coral xxx

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