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    With its early offshore pirates' battles and also the trail of Spanish galleons inside late 1700s, to its later role as a major travel destination, The place has enjoyed a long romantic history. Having the perfect year round climate, it gives countless amenities boasting of sensational beaches, coming hill golf courses, museums, art galleries, specialized boutiques, and five star to casual dining offering the best cuisines. With regard to golfers, there are 145 courses in your community, where it is never too cold to play golf.

    It offers a lifestyle that is really as stimulating as it is attractive, via the diverse and caring community that is energized by issues, dedicated in sensible growth, and invested in preserving the future. Boca can be a luxurious resort community and, for many, the only real place worth staying with South Florida.
    Selling your home in today's industry requires you to do everything in getting that will edge, if you want people to purchase your home. One of the major problems in sales people see is poor maintenance which can result in hidden or visible mold. Every other Environmental Check up we do, we find visible mold inside A/C System. That seems high but it surely is amazing how people totally ignore maintaining their A/C Solutions.

    A Pre-Listing Environmental Inspection can help you make sure that your home is in tip top shape prior to getting a buyer we could that first offer. You will find there's lot of fear around Mold that when a buyer even hears the term or suspects there is microbial growth, the deal is passed. We have seen it happen too many times in South Fl. Taking a proactive approach toward microbial growth will ensure your sale fails to fall through.

    Within a Pre-Listing Environmental Inspection with Boca Raton, Fl., the client told us they will were concerned that many years of deferred maintenance would come back to haunt them during the sale. They disclosed that the house has not been painted or maintained in over a decade's.

    Their factors were twofold: the first being that their trouble spots would knock down their asking price, and that the maintenance to placate the clients would reduce their money in the sale. Like many people, they found themselves required to fix and sell a home that was not properly maintained.

    They appointed Safe Homes Environmental Consultants to uncover the critical moisture intrusion locations in the home. The client wanted to refurbish the problems and sell the home with them in this drivers seat. In their case, their house was among the list of fortunate ones, we only found minimum water intrusion damage in five areas entrance. Believe me, we have seen of up to twenty different areas of water intrusion within a poorly maintained home.

    Phase 2 in the process was to use a Mold Remediator, that they did. They fixed the conditions Safe Homes found together with put the house on the market. The house sold 3 months later with no problems from the buyer. Being proactive and doing a Pre-Listing Environmental Inspection repaid for them.

    Therefore, it pays to perform a Pre-Listing Environmental Inspection for your home. It puts you inside drivers seat because were you to proactive before you listed your home.

    If you have any questions, feel absolve to call Safe Homes Environment Consultants or visit our website.

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