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  • Clickbank Merchant Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business

    Clickbank is one of the most vibrant marketplaces for anyone that's trying to sell digital products online. There are some who have successfully launched their IM careers from Clickbank, plus many have went on to make millions. But that does not mean there are no landmines, you need to be careful of mistakes that can be made as a vendor. There are a number of small gaffs and mistakes that really can cause a lot of damage to your business and profits.

    In the following article we shall be looking into three such mistakes that you should try and avoid at all costs.

    We have actually seen some vendor sales letters with other ads on them - hugely costly mistake. We should not have to write about this, but we have seen it - so people do it; do not do that. If you do that, then you will not ever attract any super affiliate or even someone who knows how stupid it is to do that. We really would like to hope you are not that clueless about marketing. The reader must become engaged in the letter and nothing else. Your conversions will have a chance to be better, but your letter must be good too. The second mistake is being vague in what you're offering as a vendor to your customers. Always keep in mind that digital products are tangible, so customers can't pick them up and browse before buying. It's important to focus on clarity of your offer so they'll know precisely what they're getting. Your product description is important, but showing a representation of your product with a graphic of a book cover can help to make the product seem more tangible. Most successful Clickbank vendors will focus on creating compelling copy as well as excellent design for their graphics to give their product a more tangible edge.

    Last but not the least; your prospects are not stupid, so don't have an amateur sales copy up where you're making huge promises at $20 bucks. Regardless of what niche your product is in, your customers will have an awareness of the type of product they'll get for their money. You're insulting their intelligence by making unrealistic claims. Be authentic and be practical in your approach, because after all, your aim is to really help your prospects by giving them a high quality product, not rip them off or scam them.

    You can avoid costly mistakes as a Clickbank vendor by just taking the time to learn a few smart tips. Only a handful of product vendors have been able to find success with Clickbank, not because it's difficult or is really confusing, but because they avoided such mistakes. The key as always is to have confidence and take as much action as you can each day. Remember, nothing replaces hard work that's done smartly.

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