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Sonic Death Metal
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About welkin

Welkin is a Belgian deathmetalband that has been around for over 10 years now. In those 10 years they released 2 albums. The first "Angel Inside" on The Spew records in november 2002. In the five years that were between "Angel Inside" and the follow up "The_origin" (released april 2007 on Shiver records) they were faced with some line-up changes. But they kept playing at places all over Europe to spread the SONIC DEATH MADNESS. Their music evolved into the low …

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Blog 2

Welkin skin

You can use the WELKIN skin on your own profile!! Help us spread the word and add our ugly faces to your personal pages!
We also added a mp3 player. For your listening pleasure ofcourse! And who knows...maybe we'll even let you add it to your own …

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