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male - 29 years, A7la Mkaan, United Arab Emirates
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About me

am just a very simple person w AkeeD EMARATI & also i got the PHD in WaNaSa things from wnasa world organization ..

α₤σήę щ¡ŧћ мγ ĕν¡₤ş

Ma A3reeF Sho A8ool 3n 3omry .. A9laan Ma A8daar .. L2aane Ma A8daar A8yeem Ro7e .. A5alee Elta8yeem 7a8kom W Entoo E7kmoo 3laay ^_^

La Te7kmoon 3laa Mn Shaklee o mn 3omree>> E7kmoo 3lay B3aad Ma T3arfoonee .. try me and u will see :)

A8daaaR A5Lee El9'a7Kaa Tk0oN Fee wayh^_^ El7aaZeeN :) ,, A8daaaR A5Lee ElMaHmOOm w ElMeT9'aaYeeG MeStaaaNc,, JUST EthA FeTaa7 Lai QaLBaH & 36aaNee CHANCE^_^ .. I Can MaKe U FeeL BeTTeR .. enshallah ^_^

Etha Tboon Ay Shy Mne Just Ask Me & La Test7oon I Will Answer U ^_^ .. Its Very Easy < Just Write Ur Words & SeNd It To Me .. if u want 2 ask any thing feel free 2 ask

life is an adventure trip & by ElTjaaReeb It WiLL Be KaSh5aa & VerY SWeeT .. it will be wansa

Life Is Life we cant change ASaaaSHaa ..

Life Is Life
Skate 4 Ever .. Skate 4 …

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Msa3D prof.WaNaSa
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A7la Mkaan (Sharjah)
United Arab Emirates
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Kil SHy =P (Student)
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7wa6ing ,SKITING ,having fun and many other things .. just ask me and i will tell u about them :D
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عيد ميلاد سعيد

posted by RBX_ritsje
1 June 2014

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PROF.WaNaSa ''AdVeNtUrEs'' - PART(1)

Hi every one .. :)

2day I will show u some of my adventures .. my old one loool ..

those adventures ware maybe 2 years before .. and it was wayed kash5aa o wanasa ..

I know some of u .. will say that is a crazy thing .. but u know .. when …

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