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Hi everyone!

Update! So that there are no misunderstanding, Friendships and business oriented relationships only. A steel collar encircles my neck, slave bells adorn my left ankle, my left upper arm is tat branded 4 symbols of the Japanese Dorei symbolizing ownership and property status.. Know what I mean? Okay, Uhhh... to make a longer story short, I am my Master's slave! ~smiles

My interests, hobbies, work, pleasures and passions are diversified. I'm an RSD/CRPS Advocate, member of several pain communities and organizations. Active in promoting awareness for the painful, progressive and often debilitating Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy aka Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

RSD/CRPS is a painful, progressive and often times debilitating neurological disorder that affects the network of nerves along the spinal cord. The "fight or flight" response inside misfires rapidly. .

The left side of our brain contains the Para Sympathetic, the calm side and the right …

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RSD(s)-CRPS Advisory
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Living, learning, laughing, serving, dancing.
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I'm fairly new also. Been here about a week maybe. Still learning to navigate the site and keep up with it all.
I hope you're having a wonderful day. Hope you catch on to the site soon.

Well wishes,

posted by vtwinkle
16 September 2010

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RSD(s)-CRPS Advisory

I've spent most of the day editing and updating .

Conquering Pain Together -- September is Pain Awareness Month.

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