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Hi, What's Up?, I'm Atul, friend's also love me to call Vipul.

i'm 18 year old inernet celebrity.,atleast some say that, except that i'm a web designer i make websites,blog and applications for Android And i-phone .(JUST FOR MYSELF AND FOR FRIENDS)
I also love wildlife and nature i'm also a youtuber and loves photography

i over think everything way too much and then end up freaking out but that's me.
two things i can't stand is liars and people telling me what to do!
Girl's in skintight jean's or in mini are soooooooooooo hot!
i hate clingy people arghjehej!
i also complain a lot.but that's the truth
i love basketball , football, and all kind'a indoor games.
when you inbox someone and get no reply,FUCKYOU.
if you leave a note i'll probably reply:)
People who draw whiskers on their faces, what the fuck are you doing, haha?!
oh if you hadn't noticed i do have a lazy eye.
YOLO? no, please stop bumming drake, if you haven't noticed,yes, we do only live once unless you …

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