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Flanders shines

The Belgian EU presidency is an excellent opportunity for Flanders to shine. Flanders is a worthy partner and a more important European player than meets the eye, along the lines of Europe having a bigger influence on your daily life than you would expect. Thanks to the EU.

*students can study abroad for one year; *interruptions of your favourite programme for commercials may not exceed 12 minutes per hour; *calling from your cell phone is easier and cheaper;*...

To generously play the local aces and celebrate the EU presidency, the Flemish festive calendar is packed with exciting entertainment. Go to www.vlaanderenschittert.eu for all Flemish festivals, concerts and events. You can also test your knowledge there and participate in the grand Europe Quiz. Or post your favourite Flemish spot on the Flanders Hot Spot guide.

Visit www.flandersShinest.eu for all relevant information.

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Unique Flemish treat in 27 EU countries!

These last few months, Flanders has been conducting a festive campaign to put its assets on the European map and to celebrate the Belgian EU presidency. And no celebration can go without a treat.

In line with its image of being a gastronomic and hospitable region, Flanders took a large-scale approach: all of Europe was invited to share in the festivities. On 18 September last at exactly 2 p.m., 27 Flemish youth teams spread over the capitals of all EU Member States were handing out ‘cuberdons’, Flemish candy manufactured nowhere else in the world.

The making of…

The young ambassadors had secured their participation in the event through a contest. Both the participation tests and the action ‘Flanders, your host!’ were broadcast during a television show of the same name by the Flemish youth channel TMF.

Flanders paid the travel expenses and provided some pocket money. The teams had to find their own accommodation via couch surfing to enable an intercultural exchange of experiences.

The outcome of the action: a big success for all parties. The teams returned full of enthusiasm and the passersby were pleasantly surprised by the sweet Flemish action. Unfortunately, the cuberdons didn’t live to tell the story.

Images of Flanders’ international treat

A picture paints a thousand words … Look at the teams that treated your capital to sweets and join in the fun.