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Blog / Sad Little Monster -- A New Indie Track from Orpheo and the

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 at 14:02

"Sad Little Monster (Nothing Left to Say)" is the first track on the newly released EP album by Orpheo and the Wrench, a Boulder-based duo that is starting to build a loyal and rapidly growing following throughout the Denver metro area and other parts of the world. Their original words and music cross a variety of genre lines to touch your soul in ways you might find completely surprising. With word and music by Steve Erwin and Carter Baird, the five songs on this demo album show a range of musical ability and subtle poetic interpretation rarely found on the new indie music scene today. With Baird on the violin and percussion, Erwin on the guitar and piano, and both of their voices blended into haunting harmonies, this collection leaves the listener begging for more. From the sobering lyrics filled with soulful imagery and ironic twists to the complex musical structure with surprising, but entirely effective, shifts in tempo, these songs show raw talent on the verge of genius, just waiting to be discovered by the indie music afficianados throughout the world. The disc really cannot be pigeon-holed into any one genre, since the songs contain elements of country, acoustic rock, hip-hopabilly, and a touch of Celtic folk in their mostly upbeat presentations. Covering a wide range of emotions, from longing to heartbreak to murderous rage, the poetic lyrics in these songs will keep you thinking about them as the music gets stuck in your head, even in your sleep. The five songs in the collection include "Sad Little Monster (Nothing Left to Say)", "Black Monday", "One Last Time", "Six Empty Bottles" and "13 Narrow." This collection is well worth a free listen on Orpheo and the Wrench's Bandcamp page, where you can also download the whole collection or individual songs for a fraction of what the songs are worth. There is also a YouTube video that features "Sad Little Monster" which is entertaining. A refreshing, soulful, insightful, disturbing, and ultimately beautiful album, the listener can only hope the band will be touring in his or her town soon, and that many more brilliant songs will follow this initial offering.



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