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Blog / Carte R4i

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 at 01:10

The all new Carte R4i is a flashcard which is launched by the team of R4 who are best known for their R4 cards from a long time. The R4i card is one of the best choices than any other flashcard because of its update ones and is mainly the original device from the R4 Company. For your microsd, this card is used as an adapter to perform like your normal game cartridge. Carte R4i restrains various resources like skins, tutorials and software specifically optimized for R4. The new carte R4i is more costly than DSTT card. This card helps you to make backups of games by your own. One should have to but a micro SD memory card to store files on this card.

The card R4i has gained a huge popularity in the market as compare to any other flashcard. You always have to be careful before buying a R4i cards because there are many types of duplicate R4i cards are also obtainable which are poor in quality and high in price. With R4i card you always have to be careful because this card is with the firmwares and will continue to make the firmware updates. The team of R4i has made 5 firmware updates since the card was launched in the market. The carte R4i is one of the latest cards that give high performance to its users.

The card R4i also a good application for your Dsi console. Various numbers of homebrew games are available that can improve the features of Dsi. In moonshell, this card is also used to reproduce videos, music and even read text files that are stored in the memory card installed in the R4 card. The carte R4i offers the best features to its users which are not offered by any flashcard. The important thing that you should about this card is that this card is look like it is based on AceKard firmware which has superior compatibility with the R4i cards. The frontier of the R4i cards is tremendously good for the Dsi games. One of the important features of this card is that it can be used any of the microSD flash memory cards.

The R4 carries amazing features and promotes functionalities. The Carte R4 is famous as the R4 Revolution for Nintendo DS due to its radical and high tech applications.

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