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Blog / Streaming online Mama Drama, Truth and Consequences 12 Sep,

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 at 14:00

Streaming online Mama Drama, Truth and Consequences 12 Sep, 2012
Air date: 2012-09-13 06:00:00
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Mama Drama Truth and Consequences
<h3>Mama Drama - Truth and Consequences</h3>
Date: Wednesday, Sep 12, 2012<br>
Air time: 11:00 pm<br>
TV Network: VH1<br>
<p>Watch <b>Mama Drama</b> <b>Truth and Consequences</b> S1E10. This show will be aired on VH1 at 17 Jul 2012 05:00 PM. Remember the aired date guys. You must see this tv episode. Duration of this episode is 60 minutes. VH1 is putting one of the most important human relationships under the microscope - the complex dynamics that develop between a mother and her young, adult daughter. This 10 episode docu-series will uncover five sets of over-the-top mothers/daughter pairs that will leave you wondering, "who is the 'grown-up' and who is the child?" They'll put their relationships on the line as they figure out if being BFF's really is the best for everyone or just a recipe for total disaster. Forced to live together, they will have no choice but to look at one another as well as in the mirror. Do they wish they had more traditional relationships? Or is this the only way to live? There will be no host to guide them, no therapist to heal them, just five sets of wildly different women trying to work out their issues under the same roof. Whether they're bonding or just partying, they're bound to learn something - whether they like it or not. Stay tune with us, if you want to watch another episode.</p>
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