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Blog / Celebrities and Weight Loss

Monday, 15 April 2013 at 00:01

There is no denying in the fact that losing weight is one of the most common concerns among celebrities and there have been lots of success stories that held the pages of tabloids during the past years. From flab to fab is a long way of regime exercises and diets, discipline and healthy eating habits.

Princess Beatrice has sped up her loss of weight by eating mostly fresh fruits, drinking a lot of water and, most importantly, by participating in the Marathon of London last year.

The Oscar winning movie star, Jennifer Hudson, which was once famous for her rounded figure, amazed everyone after she succeeded to lose an astounding 80 pounds after she gave birth to her son in 2009. She enrolled the Weight Watchers and shrunk from size 18 to 6. Way to go, girl!

A celebrity who has made us make an audible gasp is Jessica Simpson, who is very dedicated to her dieting program and watches closely her weight especially after pregnancy. She has engaged the support of the famous trainer Tracy Anderson who tailored a special program for her in order to put her through paces.

Mischa Barton has regained a slimmer figure due to yoga and Pilates. She has also credited for the loss of pounds the trips she took to India and Paris and the fact that she cut back on fats.

The microbiotic diet proves to be efficient and lots of celebrities choose it in their battle with extra pounds. Lean fish, vegetables and rice are the key ingredients to a diet that has never failed Renne Zellweger, after she put on a lot of weight for her role as Bridget Jones. She accompanied her diet with daily two-hour exercising sessions supervised by a personal trainer.

Dancing has worked miracles for stars like Catherine Zeta Jones and Kelly Osbourne. Fast paced routines led to dramatic drops in dress sizes and helped stay fit and in shape.

However, when it comes to losing weight the supreme queen is Oprah, the tabloid fodder. She is well known for her weight fluctuation and her being on and off diets has always been breaking news. After each diet she has tried very hard to fight the yo-yo effects and for this she blamed a thyroid condition, which, as she later admitted, has also been an excuse to overeat. During the early 2000s, after she settled to a fit 160, she believed she had finally secured control over her weight issues. However, later on she has admitted to have hit 200 pounds again, despite dieting efforts. That was the moment when she also announced the fact that she would never go on a diet ever again.

All in all it is a matter of paying attention to what you eat, how you eat and do a lot of physical activities, which you will love to hate, eventually. And as long as you cut down on sugar, salt, fat and carbs you can shave off inches from your waste in no time.


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