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Monday, 5 March 2012 at 23:57

The Appalachian Mountains

This area is a good candidate for its hugely thick and solid granite core. While they may not be exactly what you'd call remote. They cover a big enough area and are sufficiently rugged for you to be able to get some seclusion for a Family Safe House. The downside is that many other 2012 Survivalists be informed on the Appalachians too, so finding your own personal private survival sanctuary with be trickier and possibly quite expensive. If it is possible to, you'd be a lot better off moving at once from the heavy population focus on the Eastern third with the continental USA and looking for your 2012 survival sanctuary on the west of the Missouri River. So now let's take a look at the other areas worth further investigation.

Northern Arizona

The Colorado Plateau is very high at 5-8, 000 feet, and a 200 + mile after mile from Phoenix where most of the population in the State is concentrated. The main thing is look out for here is that you've got an aquifer on ones land, so you might draw your water from underground.

Land ranges from $200 to $500 per acre for average grade and goes up to $20 - $40K in very good quality areas, which have everything inside 2012 survival sanctuary wish-list.


North Central Arkansas is high enough to be safe, has low population in addition to a good growing season. The cost of living is lower as compared to average and land is inexpensive at $500 : $1000 per acre, and it looks like you can build pretty much what you want without needing a permit.


Portions of this state are OK when you can get far enough from other people, also it can obtain extremely cold.


Idaho is as close to perfect since it gets. There are massive areas of forest, great hunting together with fishing, and a good rising season in lower areas of the state, but it can get very cold with high elevations. Property isn't expensive.


At lower elevations west with the Great Divide there are some promising places your family's 2102 survival sanctuary. Population is low, but the growing season is short, there's almost no crop diversity and it's chilly in winter. Areas available Flathead Lake, Eureka and Kalispell are worth some sort of look.


The interior of Oregon looks being a survival paradise until you consider how close it is always to the teaming millions living in California. The climate is mild and the growing season long. Eastern Oregon could still be worth considering, if you can find a place that is either very difficult to find from the road, or very easy to defend.

South Dakota

The South-West part of the state has good groundwater in the Ogala Aquifer, very low population and microclimates can give a better growing months. The topography also allows you to find a well concealed hiding-hole which has a good view of uncomfortable guests.


Texas is so big that there are plenty of remote rural areas which you could get out of attention. In the hill nation the climate is mild and the growing season is longer. The downside is that most of the locals are armed on the teeth and don't take kindly to strangers.


A lot like Oregon, it has some sort of mild climate and superior growing season, and spots where population density is usually low.

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