Blog 2


    Hi...everyone even you reading this.!!!

    Ek is soo gelukig in die lewe,no jokes... als is mooi en wees dankbaar dat n mens kan waker word in di oggend en darm kos het ens ens... True Story !!!

    in english...
    i is being happyz... LOL.

    I am very happy with my life and i'm enjoying every minute of life. God is good to me, He is nr1 AWESOME in my book. praise His Name always for it is a Good Name Jesus Christ (JC) !!!

    Be happy coz to be sad all the time will only bring your own destruction,positive thoughts are a good place to begin the change...True Story !!!

  • Awesome

    [b]It's nice to help someone in life even if its to help them smile.
    I'm not perfect and not close to it but I'm getting there.
    Evil is a bad thing so turn away from evil and live... strange that evil spelled backwords is live. noticed that???
    I'm loving life, its better to be hapy and poor than rich and unhappy. True Story...