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  • Unbelievable Stuff

    Have you ever been hit by a reality shock until you felt like jumping out of your skin? In other words, has some harsh and unexpected reality ever hit you so hard that you wished the ground could open up and swallow you alive? I don’t know if it has, but for real it has happened to me and I can’t run away from it, be as it may. I work in a dissertation writing firm as the chief editor of custom dissertations. It is quite lucrative for a part-time job (I am a third year in campus), if everything is taken into account, but sometimes I look back and wish that had never been the case.
    This is for the simple reason that the job has exposed me to many risks, more so social ones. I met and fell in love with a lady in campus called Martha in the course of last year within a time period of about three months after meeting her. She was the epitome of all I desired for in a lady: beautiful and brilliant. She had curved hips and a pair of tits that could weaken even the strongest of men.
    She loved me, or so she made me understand and I felt the same for her. I was actually thinking of settling down with her when my thoughts were suddenly brought back down to earth with a thud. I was walking back to campus from my office one late night when I came face to face with my girlfriend making out with one of my youthful male lecturers in his car in the campus parking lot. She didn’t see me, but I saw enough of the scene to confirm that it was indeed my lady. She was being caressed and kissed and she behaved as though she was enjoying every bit of it. I have never been more disgusted in my life.

  • Please Answer Me

    Have you ever found yourself asking questions that don’t have definite answers? I have in so many instances, and this became all the more rampant when I joined campus a year ago. One undoubtedly has to do with the evolution theory and the other has to do with the creation theory. In the evolution theory, I have always been bothered by the explanation given to explain the origin of the very first micro-organisms that began this whole process of evolution. Where did they come from? If I provide the same conditions that are provided in the theory will I still see apes turn into humans?
    In the creation theory, the only question that has always eaten me up is the origin of God. How can a being just be there? How did he know that he is the most powerful being in the world? What was he doing before creation? After these and other strings of mind-boggling questions assailed my mind I decided to become an atheist. It is easier and less stressful than all the theories that human beings are capable of coming up with. I have written quite a number of [url=]essay[/url]s on the same from my desk in the essay writing firm I work for on part-time but I have never really felt at peace with myself.
    In campus, the concept of maturity is also contentious in a way. How do you define maturity? What is the difference between a mature and an immature person? Who or what is the standard of maturity that we can all use and there will be no complaints? There are so many questions I have, but the answers are very few. On the issue of maturity though, I have concluded that this is a personal, subjective issue. Everybody has his own measure of maturity, and nobody should question that at all, college students included.

  • Real

    Real essay
    There are some things that you hear happening in other parts of the world and somehow you imagine they can’t happen among your friends, relatives or generally within your vicinity. There are so many things that include bad things, sodomy to name but a few. Of the three I have mentioned, the one that looked most improbable, at least in my circle of friends and relatives is incest. I happen to come from a religious family, and what that means is that most of the friends I attract are religious and right thinking.
    I don’t know what gave me confidence as relates to incest, but I am sure that the religious aspect of my life was part of the reason. My best friend in campus is called James. I have known him for a long time because we grew up in the same hood. What that means is that I know him quite well, and I also know his close relatives and cousins. We take different courses in campus, and so we live in different residential halls.
    One Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago when I had to write custom essays, I was bored to the core in my room and I decided to visit James (Jim in short) in his room. I have a spare key to his room and he has mine too. Whenever I feel like eating something that I don’t have in my room I always go to his room and prepare it if it is there, even in his absence. That is how close we are. On this particular day, I actually felt like watching a movie. He wasn’t in his room, and so I opened the door using the spare key but was surprised to find him in bed with his cousin, a lady I had once pursued. I was flabbergasted and my tongue stuck to the roof of my palate. I closed the door slowly and walked out. I had never imagined incest could be so real.

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  • Nature and Infinity

    I call this ‘thinking literally’. Everyone has those stupid thoughts that cross your mind every now and then; the ones that make you feel like rewarding whoever came up with the idea of thoughts being limited to your brain and not spoken aloud. I get some of those thoughts too, but I will share with you only those I consider trivial. Nevertheless, if I were to let it all out, somebody would put a bullet behind my ear even before I am through with the first sentence.
    I love music. I love almost all kinds of music, provided they attain the minimum standards of uniqueness in terms of beats, sound quality and the message my ears would like to hear. I have come to notice that thing that makes me feel so passionate about music is the rather obvious fact that rhythm and tone is infinite. Interest is built on the basis that my brain tends to get accustomed to the norm, in this case the songs that I have heard before, and the introduction of a completely different song format excites it. It’s that simple, or rather complicated, depending on your attitude towards whatever I am trying to put across. My point is that nature cares enough not let us drown in boredom by putting infinity to rhythm and tone with regards to sound.
    By now I know I have caused a lot of stirrup among the philosophers, but depending on the little that I have gained in college so far, I can’t stop to marvel to the simple fact that every single person on this earth is physically different from any other being that has lived on this earth and most probably even different from the future generations. What if there were human duplicates due to scenario where nature would have run out of features to differentiate one being from the other? Would we start issuing serial numbers to people in order to tell one person from another? I can’t imagine a situation where you would live in a world where identity retention would be so huge of a deal; with identity theft issues being so real.
    Have you ever sat back and appreciated the diversity of character in the world? These are the simple things in life that make life so interesting to live. You can rest assured that personality or traits are as broad as the number of people you haven’t met yet in this world.

  • Things I wish I Had

    Call me a daydreamer, but I get what I want when I really want it. I have power over my brain and my brain has power over everything possible and anything that often seems unachievable. This is the incredible gift of thought. So if I feel to some point that my body has had enough of the norms the nature has to offer, I can always sit back, close my eyes, relax and let my brain wander through all the fantasies that might pop up.

    Well I try to ignore all the demeaning names people give to this kind of a scenario; I like to call it meditation. And while I do this, I like the idea of writing down my thoughts. I know this sounds a bit awkward, but yeah, you can scribble pages and pages of whatever thoughts that cross your mind. I would like to believe that this is a form of essay writing because I find it quite intriguing! This actually helps me to sort out the ‘doable’ from the ‘undoable’

    Through this beautiful art of lazing around and writing lots of junks of thoughts that pop up in the middle of a barely earned nap, I get the best of ideas that end up making quite a significant impact on my life. Essays should not be thought of as only a scholarly or professional thing. On the contrary, one can take advantage of the things they like to do in life, the things from which they derive their inspiration and take a moment to write those moving moments down.

    How often we get that opportune moment, when everything seems to make sense, that rare instant that we feel intelligent and so full of energy. An ingenious thought crosses our mind; we tend to think that we’ll remember it for the following morning. Little do we know that those moments are so delicate and will quickly fade away, leaving us in disgust and guilt!

    Knowing the things you need in your life is what keeps us going. But then we forget that there is actually no limit. Don’t be surprised when you come across some things in life and it hits you that it in all of your childhood dreams that was all that you ever wanted. That’s when you walk away, inwardly cursing and asking just how such a dream would fade easily away, wishing you had taken some time to write that down.