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You Twoo?

Twoo is an exclusive site created to bring young, good looking & fun loving people together. We introduce you to loads of new people and give you many tools to help you build an atractive and seductive profile. Your ideal match won't resist the temptation.

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On Twoo fun is our main concern. Don’t be shy to show who you like and we'll bring you together. If you both match, it may be a beginning of something big….

Photo Match

With a nice profile photo we present you to the Twoo community … .

Community Match

We believe in your matchmaking skills. Let people know if you think they match.

41 187 visitors since 29 March 2011.

About Twoo

Real People

We moderate every profile… to check if they are real. We keep it clean and secure.

Fun Dating

No long questionnaires or psychological tests. Just a few fun games that introduce you to loads of new people and stacks of tools to help you build an attractive, seductive profile. Your ideal match won't be able to resist the temptation…

Super Fast

We aim to hook you up as fast as possible - and this on the speediest website ever!

Direct Contact

Found someone interesting who thinks the same about you? Don't let them slip away! With Twoo you can get in touch straight away.

Intelligent Matching

Quite simply the best search engine on the market. Link your profile, preferences and interests to thousands of potential matches.

Twoo on Mobile!

The Twoo iPhone app is now available in the app store!

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