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Well am anthony cole,I am 26yrs of age i live in the state of maine in sanford.but currently out of the state on business to malaysia.I have been single now for 1yrs cos i have not found that woman for me.My proffession is importantion of cars and gold.My kind of job makes me travel most of the town like as we speak now am presently out of the state at the moment on a contract,Its been a week now am out of the state on the contract and would be spending only 2month and would be back home cos that is the duration of the contract.Hope i have told you all u need to know about me and if there anything more u want to know about me feel free to ask me anything ok.

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anthony Mark
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Kampong Bukit Lanjan (Selangor)
importantion of cars and Gold (Salesperson)
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travelling and soccer
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My name is JESSICA
Please contact me at my email ID here.
( because am interested in your
profile and you are the kind of person i need to share my private
issues with,i will be waiting to hear from you soon.

posted by jessicaabel30
3 March 2012

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