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Blog / Six Sigma Training - the right strategy

Monday, 17 June 2013 at 02:15

It requires the implementation of the right strategy to bring the business projects to fruition in an organization. And these days the strategy offered by the Six Sigma system is considered the best suited. Therefore, there is a strong demand for the candidates who have been trained under the Six Sigma Training. The Six Sigma is basically a popular project management system. However, in actual terms, it is a unique strategy or methodology that identifies defects or errors in the work process of an organization and aims to remove them.
The accuracy of the Six Sigma system is extremely high as it works on a 100% accurate principle of standard deviations. It is this accuracy that produces accurate results for an organization. For an instance, the Six Sigma system reduces the level of defects or errors being carried out in an organization to as low as 3.4 defects per million. It has been observed that under the Six Sigma process, a product is expected to be 99% defect-free. Apart from this, the Six Sigma system offers an extraordinary sequence of steps aimed at quality improvement and cost reduction.
The Lean Six Sigma:
The Lean Six Sigma system is a methodology that concentrates on the elimination of excessive work processes being carried out in an organization. It helps in solving the problem of overproduction. The Lean Six Sigma method accelerates the process of production by reducing inefficiencies and makes it feasible to deliver the outcomes without delay. The Lean Six Sigma system also focuses on less residual after production that goes waste.
Owing to the accuracy and benefits extended by the Six Sigma system, it has been adopted by many large US corporations as well as the organizations from across the world. These organizations have some famous names as well like Microsoft, Sony, NASA, Motorola, Ford, Intel, Bank of USA, Apple Computer, Seagate etc. The companies look for the candidates having the Six Sigma Training under their belts to introduce the Six Sigma strategy in their work processes.
The Six Sigma Training:
The Six Sigma Training is particularly designed to enable the candidates to implement the Six Sigma methods in an organization. Exclusive Six Sigma projects are provided to the candidates for participation. This participation leads the individuals’ way to achieve perfection in their field. The Six Sigma Training entails the DMADV (Define-Measure-Analyze-Design-Verify) methodology to ensure that the projects are designed to meet the Six Sigma requirements. The Lean Six Sigma Training enables the candidates to put a cut on costs and increase the production efficiency.
TheSix Sigma Certification:
The Six Sigma Certification is imparted to the candidates as per their expertise in the implementation of the Six Sigma methods. For Green Belt and Black Belt Certifications, the candidates are required to participate in a course and a Six Sigma project. However, for Master Black Belt Certification, the associations require the applicants to pass a written exam and show three years’ practical experience in the field.
Thus, the Six Sigma Training is the right strategy for an organization.

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