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Thursday, 7 March 2013 at 00:34

Six Sigma’s origin dates back to 1985 when it was developed by Motorola. It consists of some strategies and tools used for improving the process output’s quality. It has a wide use in various industrial sectors today as it identifies and removes the errors from process outputs and variability of business and manufacturing processes is minimized by it. It involves some specific methods in its work process and that’s why six sigma training is a very important skill for the workers. lean Six sigma training has its specializations too like six sigma black belt training, six sigma green belt training etc. by which quality of a person having six sigma training is judged. Six sigma training has utmost importance at present time because it is a very complex method and every six sigma project of an organization has a very crucial impact on the organization.
Motorola and General Electric pioneered six sigma for all their manufacturing operations. Gradually since then it has become an integral part of engineering and management field. That’s why six sigma certification, which also was started by the pioneers of six sigma themselves, is being acknowledged rapidly today.Six sigma training UK is preferred by many people as there are several reputed institutions offering six sigma training in UK. Many organizations offer six sigma certification programs to their employers. Six sigma Black Belt certification and six sigma Green Belt certification are also offered in the organizations which require various criterions to be matched. Six sigma courses are also offered by other quality associations who require fees. There are many organizations for six sigma training UK too. Six sigma courses include different levels of training including lean six sigma training, six sigma Black Belt training, six sigma Green Belt training etc. There are worldwide institutions that provide six sigma certifications. Institutions also specialize on one particular level of training too. For example, there are institutions that offer certification program on lean six sigma courses only. The courses are offered online too. Apart from the organizations and the institutes providing certification service, the six sigma courses are also offered by many colleges and universities. Courses of all the relevant skill levels are available there.
Six Sigma courses are of two types- Six Sigma and lean Six Sigma. There are numerous institutions, certification service providers and online programs offering both six sigma training andlean six sigma training. Their costs naturally vary. Six Sigma is a very important methodology in the field of manufacturing and service industries which improves the processes by combating the defects. So the method is complex as well as of high importance. There are verified courses. The one day course that teaches fundamentals only costs less whereas the six sigma black belt certification, six sigma green belt certification and the yellow belt training cost much more. In case of lean six sigma course the cost is a little higher than the six sigma course. The prices for six sigma training UK vary upon institutions generally ranging from £200 to £5,000.

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