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Blog / PRINCE2 – the lifetime warranty

Monday, 29 October 2012 at 08:08

You might have bought electric appliances or other products offering warranty for a certain period of time. A washing machine with 10 years warranty on its motor is a common example of warranty extended by a company. Many a time, you get enticed by the card shown by a sales executive to you explaining the warranty that you will get on a certain product and you make a quick decision to buy it. The basic purpose of offering a warranty on the part of a company is to show the authenticity of its product to the customer so that the customer should develop faith on it and buy it without any hesitation. Sometimes, customers do hesitate to spend a large amount of money on an item just because the company has given no warranty or warranty for a short span on it.
Extending a warranty is another way to strike a chord with the customers ensuring them that they are buying a genuine product. The reputation of a company becomes strong when it provides the necessary service to its customers when they bring some product to get it repaired. After all, the notion to buy a product offering warranty up to a certain period of time gets fulfilled only when the required benefit is availed of it.
I wish life also start extending some warranty when a child is born as life and death is the most uncertain thing in the universe. Anyway let this thing be in the hands of God and concentrate on what we can avail that gives some assurance to us. Another idea strikes my mind is that what if training courses in the field of business management start giving warranty for a certain period? Well, it sounds so peculiar that you pursue a training that offers a job warranty up to 5 years. But having a look at the market, I really find a training course offering a lifetime job warranty. Which training course is this? Well, it is none other than the PRINCE2 Training Course.
What is PRINCE2?
PRINCE2 is a special project management system which was developed by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), UK. The PRINCE2 methods help a company to exercise total control on its business projects leading it on a path of growth and success.
Coming back to the PRINCE2 Training, I would like to say that it secures a lucrative career for a limitless period for you in the field of management. The PRINCE2 Training acquaints you with the latest and the vital aspects of business project management. The PRINCE2 Training offers you discourse by the experts in the field that polishes your core managerial skills. You get so much experienced to handle the business situations under the PRINCE2 Training that you do not find any managerial task difficult or beyond your reach.
Moreover, the PRINCE2 Training acquaints you with the syllabus that helps you to take the exams and get the PRINCE2 Certification. And having the PRINCE2 Certification under your belt, you will find it easy to impress the recruiters and get the appointment letter.
So, join the PRINCE2 Courseand secure a lifetime well paid job.

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