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Blog / Truth does not set you free

Monday, 4 May 2009 at 20:52

” I think maybe I only know one thing in this world. One thing for sure. And that is that the truth does not set you free. The truth does not salvage you or make you whole again. It does not allow you to rise above the burden of lies and secrets and wounds to the heart. The truths I have learned hold me down like chains in a dark room, an underworld of ghosts and victims that slither around me like snakes. It is a place where the truth is not something to look at or behold. It is the place where evil waits. Where it blows its breath, every breath, into your mouth and nose until you cannot escape from it. This is what I know. The only thing.

Truth is a double-edged sword. For years this country believed that the religious lived blameless lives, that nuns/brothers/priests sacrificed membership of ordinary society to care for children in “Industrial Schools & Reformatories”. But we know now that this belief was wrong. The religious were well-paid for this “sacrifice”.

In these Child Detention Centres the religious received one-third of the average industrial wage for EACH child in their “care”. The religious in this country grew more powerful and influential while the task they were well paid for: The Care of You and I was forgotten about. These institutions were well-named as they were industries that had a stranglehold on a major part of the economy of this country. While the children in them worked long hours under brutalising conditions the religious sat in splendind favour at the tables of the politcal and social elite, indeed it can be said that these religious orders created and nurtured this elite.

They controlled the schools, the hospitals, the civil service, the press & media and it must be said, the minds of people through the churches and the confessional boxes. Society was stagnating under this choking hold that the religious orders had on society, mass emigration was the order of the day. For some people in society the choices were stark:> a convent or the boat to England. For a woman to be single AND pregnant was an unforgiveable crime and the woman could end up incarcerated for life in a Magdalene Laundry and her child either sold on to America or “placed” into one of the many Child Detention Centres. To be poor was another crime. Despite Ireland signing many documents in the United Nations, and before that the League of Nations, affirming the rights of the individual and the imprescriptible rights of the child, and despite the blood sacrifice made by the fighters at the GPO during the Easter Rising to CHERISH ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE NATION EQUALLY, Ireland incarcerated more innocents, more helpless and more children, in their detentions centres than 800 years of “British Imperialism”.

Ireland emabarked on a mission after Independence to take from public view the failures of their “brave” new Catholic Ireland. Whatever changes have come in this society since Independence have not come from the goodness of the Roman Catholic church, NO, the changes, the improvements have come through the sacrifice and the suffering of people like us. We no longer fear this Monolith. It has SHOT ITS LOAD. It SHALL NOT rise again.

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    theknitter 8 May 2009

    With the details she provided and entered in evidence it's fairly obvious she had a deal of coaching or ... worse experience of abuse!

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    paddoconnell 7 May 2009

    I felt this blog would be best placed to congraulate Emily Logan on going public and her headline[daily mail 7/5/09.]ALL I WANT TO DO IS PROTECT CHILDREN.WHY WONT THE HSE LET ME?So now she will have to watch her back.It seems her problems arose because of alleged "insurmountable legal difficulties"confidentiality?Ms Logan states she has no remit or desire to operate in the legal arena,who can blame her when you look at the Louise O'Keeffe case.Which is an accurate reflection of irish society.To quote Ms.Logan"i appreciate that my office is still relatively new in terms of attempting to change a culture that existed for years in some areas of society.For a long time there has been secrecy surrounding the actions of adults responsible for vulnerable children in ireland.Its time however ,for that whole corrosive culture from the [past?]to go-it has no place in our society.I want to be part of something new.What we need is a new culture that genuinely respects children,an open and transparent society where we are not afraid to speak out on their behalf.Thats the job that i took on and thats the job i intend to do"unquote.Now correct me if im wrong but accord ing to our constitution the state has an obligation to defend and vindicate in its laws all natural rights for all its citizens.All so in relation to children whos rights are supposed to be paramount under art.40.s3.priority shall be given to vindicate the welfare of children under the constitution?I know all sorts of interpretations can be taken from this when it involves the courts or politicians.So is it not time for Ms.Logan and other like minded people to test the theory to what Justice J.kenny has often said that there is"UNENUMERATED"rights in our constitution?Maybe then children will become a priority and to ensure the courts and the constitution will put in place the legal requirements that to date is sadly missing.Good on you Emily Go Girl.slan

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    paddoconnell 5 May 2009

    Hi Andrew welcome to netlog.
    Whatever about the truth not setting one free,someone has to keep on eye on the powers that be as in the Fechin Hannon case,to be honest i personally could not blame a 10 year old child for the trouble she caused.
    She was a product and as much a victim of the environment she was brought up in,the type of encouragement she was given as a child was not a healthy one by the looks of things.She seems to have turned her life around after returning to america.I personally also hope she can continue the type of work shes doing.Its the adults involved in this case that need to be investigated.slan

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