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male - 27 years, Salford, United Kingdom
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-------!!!------- Put this on ur
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----!!!!!!!!!!!---- know someone In the
-------!!!------- Armed Forces or to
-------!!!------- show your support
-------!!!------- and respect to all
-------!!!------- our Troops!!

two of the coolest people goin just below

racheal haddock (spelt wrong purposly) <<<<<<< racheal is.......well....racheal lol :)

Insert other person here<<<< lol
me name is liam.

im a smooth talkin kinda guy lol na im up for a laugh anytime anywere anyplace and anythin. im a mad type of guy who would just come out with random but funny shit. at the same time i can be a very quite and shy dude (personally i h8 it but yh whatever floats your boat). i go to pendelton college doing ict finish in may or june or whenever it is (dont no dont care) lol.

call me an il eithet just completly blank you if im in a good


i will come back withsomething 10 times worse.

but yh im good …

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liam harris
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Salford (Manchester)
United Kingdom
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nothing & co
Sitting on me arse:D (Student)
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training, and....... doing what lads like doin lol
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hey there....thannks for accepting the add:). hope you don't mind x

Heyyy no probem its fine :]

haha:). you new on here? hows it going?

Yesss …

posted by abiwilliams_x
7 March 2010

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Blog 82

read this: R.I.P everyone

RIP jade goody

i wrote this blog trying not to sound heartless at all so if it does i am sorry. i got something to say some people might not like it but its getting said anyway.

at 2.25 this morning a woman died of cervical cancer no1 deserves …

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