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Blog / free gift cards for amazon

Friday, 7 December 2012 at 09:25

GoldenFiles developers team published recently a pleasant tool that may generate free amazon gift cards codes. You can get free gift cards for amazon that may be redeemed easily to your account.

As the saying goes on their blog, it was created utilizing an advanced pattern matching algorithm for finding new amazon gift certificate codes. There is a huge database with used amazon gift certificate codes and based on their letters and numbers frequency they generate new codes.

free gift cards for amazon

There is success rate of approximately 30% - which means that if you generate 10 amazon gift certificate codes for several 3 of 10 works and will be accepted on amazon gift cards redeem page.

If you are looking for any free gift card for amazon, goldenFiles.net is a valuable and free resource. Many people are looking on the internet free of charge amazon gift certificates and if you are wondering where you can get them this is actually the answer, for now at least.

free amazon gift cards

To be able to redeem an amazon gift card you have to follow some easy steps:

1. Go to goldenfiles.net, download their free amazon gift certificates codes generator.
2. Generate you free amazon gift cards codes ( it is recommended to generate al least 30 amazon gift cards)
3. Go to amazon and redeem your gift certificates.

This generator is protected, it's tested and virus free.



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