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HeY LiL BoUt Me Im FrOm EsSeX tYpIcAl EsSeX.
I've never been in love before until i met Jak he is the best thing in the world to me and i love him with all ma heart me and him are so close i culd never wish for anything else in the whole wide world the first time i saw him in person my heart started beatin really fast then he hugged me and it felt like my world had changed i would not change him for the world i am going to be with him for the rest of my life coz he is the onli boi i want to be with.

Jak thank you for meetin me i cant believe we met on netlog it is the best website in the world coz i have met the love of my life, i wouldn ever wnna change u babe. I knw u have been with cuntish girls but babe u gotta remember i aint gonna cheat on ya and u aint gonna loose me im hear to stay.

I lOvE u JaK yOuR sO...............................
___$$$$$__________$$$_____$$$___________ __$$$___$$$_________$$_____$$___________ ___$$$_______________$$___$$____________ …

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Chelsea m
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United Kingdom
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office junior (Clerk)
having fun wit ma mates and seein ma baby jAdEy BaBy
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In love
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My name is Ahmed
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‏Drago mi je
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Želim da budemo prijatelji
Moje …

posted by moh05991
25 February 2014

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