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female - 46 years, NORTH YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom
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Hi i am a 37yr old married lady with four wonderful kids. i am so proud of my eldest son who is a medic in the armed forces. My three other children are aged 13, 11 & 7 the are great kids who help look after me with their dad who is my full time carer as i am disabled. i love my family to bits they are my life along with our pets, we have 3 chinchillas, 2 cats, 5 huge gold fish and one very confused jack russel !!!!!!!!!!!!! he is not quite sure whether hes a cat, dog or human lololol. i am lucky to have one wonderful husband who is kind, caring and generous. He is a sarge in the army cadet force teaching kids, along with our 13yr old daughter who is a 2 star in the cadet force, following in the steps of her older brother who is in the army itself. My hubby likes fishing too and its a great day out when we all go and its usually the kids who get the best catch just by pole fishing lololol !!!!!!! i am also helping my brother with his new business so i am an internet calls …

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stacey churchill
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internet call officer (Freelancer)
reading, crosswords or skill puzzles, having fun and talking to my children. my pets, 1 dog, 2 cats and 4 chinchillas
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