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female - 26 years, Sherborne, United Kingdom
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ok well this is my profile...enjoy!

i HATE snobs so much! they can burn in hell!! chavs and bitches! :)
i loove punk/emo/metal music :):):):), goths, emo guys, facial piercings on guys spesh lip n eyebrow ones! also love friends, having fun n going mental...umm my family at times, life, animals, shoes, shopping, clothes, all that stuff really! :)
i'm usually a nice person...but if u treat me like shite i'll return the favour!
nothing much else to know about me! i wld put my email address up on here again but i had soo many randomers adding me that i'm not going to! ask me if u want it!!
if ur a really boring person who just adds for the sake of adding more people to their msn n never talks i might jst have to block u!! DONT BE BORING...BE FUN!! :)
i :) :) :) these faces :) :)
love n kisses XxXxXxXxX

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Antonia Peacock
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Sherborne (Dorset)
United Kingdom
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sleeping, having fun, being crazy!
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I'm not telling you anything
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Hey there,

I notice your profile and you seem really cool! I'm sure we have a
bunch in common. Wanna add me as your friend?

P.S. If you want you can visit me at my other network. I just started
a new group, the address for it …

posted by great_Nevaeh
28 March 2007

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:) I LIKE U!! :) :)

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