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male - 23 years, up in the sky, Saudi Arabia
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About me

:)......hello every body....... :)

is faisal........... :)

feel free to ask me any thing..... :)

love you all........... :)

see ya........ :)

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xXx..sweetest_than_a- pple_pie..xXx
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(15 more days)
up in the sky (Ar Riyad)
Saudi Arabia
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mmm, she's staring at me i'm sitting wondering what she's thinking,
mmm, nobody's talking, cause talking just turns into screaming,
ohh, and now as im yellin' over her, she yellin' over me,
all that that means, is neither of us is listening, …

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- A_N_K89:
:) happy birth day :)
Oo kel 3am Oo ent L 5eer lkl 3am ya friendi L 3ziz :)
wish all da best 4 u bro Oo 38bal myt sna Oo ent b97a Oo 3afya ya rb :) :)

tslm ont b5eer enshallah....... …

posted by sweet_black_boy_5
11 May 2010

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