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female - 57 years, United States
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Blog 2

Hi all
I am a mom of 5 a half sister of 13 and have 5 grand children and 1 more on the way
I have lived in utah most my life except for a month lol
hope to meet a few people here and reconnect with a few I have lost along the way

  • today

    we are given one chance to live life
    but life allows us lots of chances
    its up to us what we do with them
    are we brave enough to get out of our comfort zone
    or generous enough to forgive
    soft enough to try several times
    or even loving enough to let go
    there are so many senarios
    we each have to find our way and also look out and be good to those who cross our path

  • a new day

    Thank goodness for a new day everyday!!!!!
    sometimes I make the same goofs and somedays new ones
    with each new day Guess it is ok