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Blog / News Aggregation: What circles comes around

Monday, 12 November 2012 at 05:33

It's no secret that traditional print news is dying a sluggish and painful death. Just recently, Newsweek ended its 70 year affair with newsprint. Rumors are circulating the Guardian in the UK is considering a digital-only approach to news. Other medication is trying to make money on both print and digital by constructing pay-walls.

As these businesses wrestle using the problems of history, faster and leaner news sources like the Huffington Post are creating news at lower cost. This model is placed to squeeze the lifestyle from the average hack, reducing both their income and potentially the quality of the news they are able top produce.

In stark contrast, this leaner 'freelance' model is attracting thousands of "aspiring journalists", able to "give it a go". Citizen journalism is with an unrelenting growth trajectory since it has been free of the shackles of having to possess a printing press and a truck delivery network.

Consequently the number of news stories is increasing much like the number of news outlets. This presents a special challenge for consumers of news. Aggregators for example Google has witnessed their news site pose a genuine threat to national news publishers. The French government is trying to get Google to pay for linking to French news content.

Matt Drudge is reputedly 1bn (yes one BILLION) page views per month by simply aggregating the best of the web's news on a simple site.

And so copy-cat sites for example kingdom has emerged to provide a Drudge-like service specifically to a UK audience.


After just 4 weeks of operation, Fastpages is enjoying 100,000 unique visitors per month and it is twitter feed ( has 30,000 followers. Fastpages gives UK readers a "British-Agenda" on the" best-of-the-news", selecting not only the best news stories hourly from the web, but those that have a high degree of relevance to UK audiences.

Fastpages has been born within the digital age with a business model that does not want it to struggle with expensive overheads nor the necessity to construct a paywall.

The popularity for more stories and much more sites to visit to get those news stories will see the need increase for aggregators such as Fastpages .

It gains traffic and it drives traffic to news sources. This news comes around after which it is going around.

Among those "circle-of-life" type of things where everyone benefits.



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