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  • Developing Successful Partnerships to Combat HIV Among Young

    Know Your Status Appropriate Now
    HIV is a throughout the world epidemic. New world-wide HIV estimates, launched by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the Earth Wellness Business (WHO), underscore the ongoing severity of the HIV pandemic. At the end of 2007, an believed 33.two million older people and young children have been residing with HIV. The epidemic is not homogeneous. Sub-Saharan Africa bears the brunt of the pandemic, accounting for additional than two-thirds (68%) of individuals living with HIV and more than a few-quarters (76%) of fatalities in 2007.

    In quite a few nations in Africa, youthful people today ages 15-twenty five account for about 50% of the of new HIV infections. Aspects these kinds of as peer pressure, unprotected sex, absence of schooling and maturity, and alcohol and drug use set youthful pupils at possibility for HIV infection. Youth-grownup partnerships and packages are an progressive way of involving younger people today in HIV prevention efforts

    Stats of HIV in Nigeria
    * Nigeria, due to its population of approx 140 Million represents 14% of individuals with HIV/AIDS in the sub-Saharan African Region.

    * Nigeria has the greatest range of AIDS orphans in sub-Saharan Africa (an approximated 1.8 million in 2003) UNAIDS, 2004 Report on the Worldwide AIDS Epidemic, July

    * Nigeria's STD/HIV Regulate estimates that above 60% of new HIV infections are in the 15-twenty five year outdated age group

    For this reason the 15-25 yr ancient age group which comprises of largely higher education aged youths is a primary focus on for the KYSRN Plan

    The Software
    Know Your Status Perfect Now (KYSRN!) delivers Cost-free, Quick HIV Urine Screening to younger individuals at KYSRN workshops advert occasions. Using Alliance Bio-Medical's breakthrough Rapid HIV Urine Examination kits, participants can understand their HIV status in one minute or much less. In a time where young men and women specifically college-aged college students have the best variety of new HIV infections, and are progressively at raising of infection, KYSRN! presents a far more handy option of screening employing the HIV Urine Kit, coupled with educational and entertainment elements.

    The HIV Urine test delivers certain positive aspects for younger people today. The simplicity and convenience of screening for HIV making use of urine as a substitute of blood avoids needle-prick harm and encourages additional college students to get by themselves tested.

    A lot more than Just a Examination
    Pupils will be educated on HIV, its hazards, how it is transmitted and how they can protect themselves. Students that test constructive will be directed to follow up counseling and readily available care through our NGO partners. Only set, KYSRN! Will be the new cool and hip factor to do!

    Who can get involved with the KYSRN program

    CorporationsEspecially the adhering to, Oil and Fuel, Telecommunication, Automotive, Banking institutions, Airlines, Radio Stations, Tv Stations and Money Transfer Organizations.

    Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs


    Professional Associations
    Churches and Faith-Based Organizations
    If you are worried about HIV and specially among young people and its impression on Society, you can do a thing about it appropriate now by making productive partnerships.