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  • Diamond Appraisal – Ride the Tide

    To get the best deal, go to the web page in order to educate yourselves in the diamond appraisal process and the basics of certified gemologist who can help you in proper manner. Go to and get yourself ready to get the right deal, today.

  • Diamond Certificate: Assuring you the quality of diamond

    How you show your love for diamonds.., by wearing them or by investing in them? Do they really worth your love? Whenever you show your love for anything, you first make sure it is genuine and original.

  • Know your diamond tests the raw diamond pieces on stringent norms by gemologists and gives them a diamond certificate of purity. This purity certificate is well recognized all over the world.

  • Dazzling Diamonds

    Offer a look in the official website of certified gemologist ABCG . Here you will get the abridged information about diamond grading and diamond gemologists and then go shopping with complete bliss.

  • It is always worth to purchase appraised diamond jewelry

    If a diamond has the gemologist certification with it, it can be trusted for its purity. Gemologists test the purity of diamond through stringent methods and give them a certification of purity. Online jewelry appraisers test the market value of the diamond. They give you the exact market value of diamond.

  • Gemologist certification online

    A gemologist certification proves that you are purchasing genuine gems. Certification ensures you the quality and originality of gem especially diamonds. Jewelry appraisers help you to find the real market value of the gems, which you are purchasing.

  • Value your diamonds offers diamond appraisal and certification services. It offers certification to gemologists and decides diamond grading. It provides the information regarding all diamond pieces, which have been appraised by certified gemologist.

  • How to Read Diamond Certifications

    Investing in very important items such as diamonds also requires an assurance that the quality matches with the price. As a proof of the diamond's existence, characteristics, and value is seen in a diamond certificate. It also allows buyers to make an informed comparison with other diamonds sold in the market.

  • Hire Reputable Jewelry

    To get a diamond's actual value as compared to its quality, it is only proper to check the certification released by the best diamond certification company or a credible jewelry appraiser. The seller shouldbe able to produce such document as a proof to the diamond's worth.

  • Certification and Appraisal

    When buying jewelry, the best diamond certification and appraisal sources are independent laboratories and companies. It means that they are not connected in any way with the sellers to avoid a conflict of interest.

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