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Thursday, 29 November 2012 at 13:16

Few instructions have to be followed when the installation has been done manually. The foremost step is to pick the method by which HDTV signal needs to be received in your house. For this it's possible to either go for an antenna signal, satellite programming or perhaps a HDTV cable service. Once this is decided, the appropriate product needs to be purchased. A HDTV bundle containing accessories like tuner cards, antennas and connector cables has to be purchased next with respect to the location and the kind of HDTV service available available.


One must make sure that the HDTV are installed on proper wall mounts or on the desktop. Just in case wall mounts are not provided with HDTV one can get them from any electronic store easily.The next & important step would be to fix the HDTV antenna in an appropriate position for the best optimum signal. In the event of a satellite, the satellite dish needs to be installed on the roof and the receiver has to be installed in the home. Most HDTV antennas are hooked up straight to the television as the HDTV tuners are built within the TV's. You have to run a coax cable in the antenna to the TV which will receive the signal. Satellite receivers get the signal in the dish and are connected to the television with a HDMI or component cable. If you opt to go with the cable company, then your cable company will provide you with a higher definition box which will be hooked up to the TV.

Now HDTV programming packages could be ordered from the cable company or even the satellite provider. In the case of an off air antenna no programming packages need to be ordered, you'll receive HDTV transmission free.



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