Blog / A Glimpse On The History Of Tanning Beds

Friday, 1 June 2012 at 08:07

Are you using the tanning beds to tan your skin? Are you amazed on how this high-end apparatus can tan your skin perfectly? If you will see, most people these days especially the wealthy ones prefer to use the tanning beds over the traditional method of sun tanning. The company who has manufactured this product is so brilliant in showing the advantages that this bed can give that sun tanning is not capable of doing. If you are considering of buying this product and have its benefit, it will be much better if you will be aware on the history of tanning beds, so you will learn to appreciate them more.

Tanning beds were discovered by a medical company based in Germany in the year of 1903. The Heraeus Company is the first one to produce an indoor lamp that has the capability of tanning one’s skin. This equipment is a part of the researches that have been done with patients who are suffering from Vitamin D deficiencies. Few years later, Friedrich Wolff, a German scientist has put the indoor lamps into an experiment and analyzes its effects, and the benefits that can be derived from it by various athletes. After seeing that the heat coming from the indoor lamp is resulting in a tan skin, the idea of a tanning bed is born.

It was the year of 1978 when Friedrich has introduced and patented his idea that indoor lamp can make skin become tan. He then sold his own Wolff Company to his Jorg, his brother, who is the founder of the Cosmedico, Ltd, which is one of the largest low-pressure sunlamps manufacturers.

Ever since the introduction of the indoor lamp as a tool to tan skin, various advancement and technology have taken over. Now, we can see different brands and models of tanning beds, which hold the key in achieving a perfect tan skin.


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