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- sravankumarpendem:

hi how did u rite ur exams??

posted by sravsthecutegirl
28 August 2010

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Tips for improving English Language skills in …

The ability to speak clearly and concisely, and to convey information or articulate an opinion is essential for most jobs. A good communicator is comfortable speaking to an individual or to groups.
To improve your verbal skills, is it your speech, your language choice, or presentation style that you need to work on?
Speaking or diction courses at private institutes or training institutes will help you speak with confidence.
Written communication on the other hand is the ability to convey your message by using proper grammar, a basic prerequisite for nearly every job.
You could also visit a bookstore for grammar or self-writing study workbooks.An excellent book that has by published on the write usage of language is " Twenty First Century English Guide" by Rangachart Madabhushi
The book highlights the latest trends in language and can be useful for you. The book is of great help to these who want to improve their communication skills.

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