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Friday, 2 September 2011 at 18:07

As we uncover additional information i will be sure to keep current on each of the latest iPhone 5 related news. We will be executing a full tear-down and research into the iPhone 5 and very quickly as it arrives in our hands, therefore we can look at the on board chips and figure out the real iPhone 5 specs. Nobody on earth has more information on the specs of the iPhone 5, we sift through patents, search Chinese websites, to get all the insider info on iPhone 5 specs. We are the most useful in discovering each of the info and bringing it all here in one easy to find place which means you don’t really need to search all over the internet searching for the specs.
Now the precise iPhone 5 specs are largely unknown. It is speculated that it's going to be an evolutionary device very much like the apple iphone 4g specs, although with a much better display. Images of the display bezel are swimming around online, so its considered this is an accurate iPhone 5 spec. The processor can be very identical to the custom ARM CPU currently being used by the iPad2, but convey more cores and a lot more CPU power, additionally, the iPhone5 will have a smaller HD screen, finally utilizing the same format as being the iPad 2. A brushed case is rumored, but we suspect it will probably be the same finish they are currently using. Colors might be black, and white found in limited quantities.

Our frustration is that often we have recently acquired a Verizon apple iphone 4, plus the contract on it won't be ready for an upgrade prior to the iPhone 6 is developed. Don’t fret i will be covering the iPhone 5 regardless if I can’t get one for my personal plan. This teardown will expose the cheap chinese electronics that people are overpaying for. Why would anyone inside their right mind spend that sort of money on a silly phone? On top of that the service on an iPhone 5 is crazy expensive. The provders are charging too much for 4G speeds. Who cares if you have 4g but can’t get enough bandwidth to look at a show on account of your plan caps you. These are the problems we're going to face when upgrading to the iPhone 5. Fortunately I have been accepted to get one through one of our vendors beta! You should definitely look into the obtain a free iPhone 5 offer, as thats how we will get ours.

The iPhone 5 teardown is not to be missed, please bookmark our site so that you can check back regularly. We anticipate to get our iPhone 5 in before the release therefore we can better publish all of the specs on the iPhone 5. Thanks if you are a loyal visitor and we hope you return soon even as strive to keep the site updated on the very consistent basis. We know there's a lot of breaking news about the release date of the iPhone 5, just as soon as that comes we'll be in a position to provide you with more about all the specs. , ,



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