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    annswales 28 January 2013

    Hi there, howareyou?!? I stumbled upon your profile and i really like what i can see there, actually it`s more than I have in mind :) I would like to know more about you, how about chatting around a bitand maybe meeting up for coffee?!? Just want to try something new and see what just might happen?!? Ok, I am curious to know more about you. Unfortunately, this is not my profile and therefore I’m only here temporarily. You will be able to find me at lovershearts dot net though, where I have a lot of pictures of myself in my personal album too. Just look after my name, ok?!? Ok, I will wait for you over there! Cheers! LuluFee

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    deverooo 16 November 2006

    garry is gay! hahahahahahahahaha! from jason!