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  • Digg Reader Launches For Android Users

    Digg, the Betaworks sponsored social news service and a popular RSS reader, has finally expanded to the Android platform. The news aggregator has been available on iOS for quite some time, but Android users were left with no option but to find other alternatives for Google Reader. That void is now filled as Digg Reader for Android is available for download and it's free."Like the web version of Digg, the Android app includes up-to-the-minute stories from the Digg homepage as well as Digg Reader, all optimized for your Android device," the company said in a blog post, Thursday.Digg brings the most interesting, trending and most-talked-about stories in one place for its users. A team of Digg editors filters various articles, blogs, magazines, status updates, photos and videos and displays the best story pieces in one place. It is fast and features a mature interface for seamless reading experience.

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  • Marketers Not Seeing Social Media ROI

    Despite their continued investment in social media, the majority of businesses aren't seeing its value, new research shows.A study by Duke University professor Christine Moorman revealed that only 14 percent of chief marketing officers (CMOs) have found a quantitative impact on their social media marketing expenditures, while nearly half have not been able to show that their company's social media activities have made a difference.However, despite the lack of results, marketers are expected to increase expenditures in social media from 6.6 percent to 15.8 percent over the next five years.With that increased investment, however, comes more pressure to make sure the money is being spent wisely. The research discovered that 66 percent of CMOs are experiencing more pressure to prove the value of marketing from their CEOs and boards, and of those, two-thirds report that this pressure is mounting.

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  • What Twinkies Can Teach Marketers About Comebacks And Social

    Those who know me well know that in addition to being severely over-caffeinated, I also possess one of the world’s best sweet tooths. So when I heard of the return of the Twinkie, well let me just say a certain Forbes contributor of Polish & Italian descent did a nice happy dance.Of course, in addition to wanting to fulfill my sugary desires, I was also very intrigued from a marketing, advertising and branding perspective.

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  • Marketing Strategy Must Include a Solid Website, a Good Soci

    The dictionary says that synergy is the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.While the main ingredient in almost any marketing strategy is a Google friendly website, unless that website incorporates a blog and links to social media sites, the chances of getting found, let alone getting customers, are becoming slimmer by the day.Today, having a Google+ page has become a key element for most companies that want to get a larger footprint on Google. Also, active well-run Facebook and Twitter pages will bring much more traffic to a company’s website today than almost any other form of advertising.

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  • 3 Ways Images Are Changing The Role Of Social Media Marketer

    With the rapid emergence of visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, brands and consumers have drastically changed the way they interact online. Conversations that were previously held with text are now driven by images, creating valuable opportunities for social media marketers to engage with their fans.It’s no surprise that images evoke stronger emotional connections, which is why these visual engagement opportunities are so valuable. Stronger emotion brings about curiosity and discovery, which leads to clicks and, well, revenue.But before marketers jump into this visual web, it’s important they take a step back and recognize that a new approach is required. No longer will quick-witted 140-character tweets and traditional monitoring tools be sufficient. In order to reap the benefits of image-driven engagement, marketers need to expand their current wheelhouse of social media knowledge and tools.Below, you’ll see how images are changing the role of social media marketers and discuss three musts for brands that are eager to conquer the visual web.

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  • 10 Strategies for Social Media Marketing Success

    When you consider all of the possible social media channels and the millions of participants on them, it may seem ironic that we're talking about one-to-one marketing and social media success in the same breath. For some business consultants, the world of social media feels like vast, amorphous territory. Yet for many business consultants, it's a great vehicle for creating awareness, fostering genuine connections with existing customers, and attracting new customers.The difference between getting lost among the masses and achieving social media success is determined by your ability to engage your audience in authentic and meaningful ways.Sure, there are lots of different examples and recommendations on how to do this. Yet many of them reflect the experiences of an individual business. While there isn't a "one size fits all" approach to success in social media, the following 10 best practices have proven to consistently deliver results for businesses of all types and sizes.

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  • Social media marketing startup SocioSquare raises 325K in fu

    Mumbai-based social media marketing startup SocioSquare, a division of AKG Technologies Inc., has raised $325,000 (Rs 2.2 crore) in angel funding from David Bell, a Wharton School professor and seed investor, along with a few unnamed angel investors from the US, the UK and Turkey. Bell led the round. The funds will primarily be used for launching new social advertising products.Gaurav Mendiratta, founder and CEO, SocioSquare, said, “Everyone is facing common problems of return on investment (ROI) from social ads, as well as their content reaching to only a few per cent of their followers/fans. We have developed two products to solve these problems and this investment will help us take them to the market.”SocioSquare is a full service digital marketing agency whose offerings include services like social media advertising and fan engagement, social media optimisation, analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO), and development of applications for social networking site Facebook and mobile phones. The services are available on an on-going monthly basis as well as one-off consultancy projects.

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  • ocial media marketing value still hazy among some marketers

    Some people in the industry are still not entirely convinced about the benefits that it brings.According to an analyst from Forrester Research, even though social media marketing has been around for almost a decade, many marketers are still questioning its benefits and there are still more who feel that their campaigns are failing than succeeding.The analyst, Nate Elliott, published this statement in his most recent report, at a time when the channel has never been bigger.This has caused many to ask questions regarding what is making social media marketing so difficult to use in a successful way. There were many different responses that were provided in the Forrester study, ranging from budget to return on investment and a number of other areas. It is clear that there are many different means by which to decide whether or not a campaign has been successful, and a standard has not yet been created.

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  • Social trumps search for online content discovery

    When searching for content online, social networks trump search engines among younger Internet users, according to a new study from media platform Blinkx.In their latest study, "The Nation of Sharers", Blinkx reveals that 40% of Internet users age between 18 and 34 prefer to use social networks over search engines when seeking out content online.Furthermore, the survey of 2,000 found that 85% of the above age group regularly shares content through their social media newsfeeds.

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  • Top 10 Methods To Build Inbound Links To Your Website

    1. Quantity is qualificationCreate great blog content very regularly and very often. People have a natural affinity to want to link to great blogging. At the heart of it all is the willingness to think, talk, write, and walk for consumers. Answering their questions; addressing their needs; simply giving them the information that they seek. Honing the craft of creating great blog content is one that requires a sharp focus and a diligent work ethic. There is no substitute for greatness where steady blogging is concerned.2. Connect the dots (so to speak)From your own blog, link to other blogs. Obviously, a blog is meant to be a very useful social tool. The more you link to other blogs, the greater is the chance that one of those bloggers will reciprocate, and return the favor. It turns out that linking to other blogs is critical for a number of reasons: A. By linking to other blogs you are providing additional information for your readers which they will surely appreciate – certainly if you link to someone who gives a different perspective or technical input, in comparison to your blog. B. Did you know that you can support your opinions and knowledge with other posts and in the process, build your credibility? C. Many of the sites you link to will leave a comment about your blogs. D. Linking to other good blogs and posts will have a positive effect on your SEO, as search engines give you credit for outgoing links when assessing your blog’s ranking.

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